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Karrin Aitken-Meehan

(Dip Phys; PGDip Sports & Ex Med, CMP)

“I have been a NZ registered physiotherapist since 1992 and gained much experience in the musculoskeletal field over the years working in the UK, the USA and in NZ. Additionally, I am a qualified ballet teacher from the NZ School of Dance (1987) and achieved the Advanced Executant Examination (ARAD). I am experienced in Pre-pointe work ballet assessments and NZSD Orthopaedic Assessments. I have worked with all age groups and varieties of conditions, from acute sports injuries to those suffering chronic pain. Listening to my patients is an essential part of my ethos as is using evidence-based treatment techniques and rehabilitation programmes.  And if you’re not responding to treatment, I’ll find out why!”